The Other Wine Co. is its completely own brand, proudly made at Shaw + Smith. It has a separate, young gun winemaker in Matt Large, but gets to play with the fancy toys. Win, win for all.  

Fittingly, their sustainability journeys are linked, though The Other Wine Co. is leading the charge in lightening up (say, what? Read on).  

The most important parts  

We're all about experimentation – wine wise, and other. Does it excite us? Tick.  

Case in point, we’ve just bottled the first of our vintage 2023 releases in lightweight glass (aka, ‘lightweighted’).  With packaging and transport comprising 78% of our industries carbon footprint, the need to lighten up has never been greater. Our new bottles weigh 34% less than previous vintages, reducing emissions at all stages of the wine’s life cycle.  

Here’s a short and shiny on what else we’re up to:  

More details please  

Vineyards – where great things start.  

We’re super lucky to partner with some amazing growers, doing exciting things in the sustainable farming space.  

A few examples: 

Into the winery 

Unsurprisingly, making wine is an energy and water intensive affair, particularly during vintage. 2023 saw Shaw + Smith increasing their solar capacity by ~300%. This all but wipes out peak energy demands.  

Major wastewater upgrades in 2020 mean that 100% of water generated through the winery can be diverted for vineyard and lawn irrigation. 

Big tickets aside, 100% of the winery, office and bottling areas are LED lit. There are also plenty of toys for minimising water usage and capturing heated water from refrigeration for use in winery processes.  

Packaging, recycling, upcycling  

The need for ongoing innovation in this space has never been greater. We keep a constant ear to the ground for new technologies, and are working with suppliers to jump on opportunities as they come online.  

Lightweight bottles aside, here are some of our other plays: 

For more details, check out sustainability policy